Have you always wanted to write an original song, but don’t know how to begin? Join songwriter/performer Theo Griffin on a 10-week journey to explore your creative vision through songwriting! Classes will take place every Wednesday night from October 4 to December 13 (8 group classes and 2 private sessions) at the Munroe Center for the Arts in Lexington.

Through lecture and discussion, participants will learn about music theory and the building blocks of song structure — the verse, bridge, hook, and more. They will study chord structure, melody, and rhythm, and how they can affect the listener. They will learn about musical genres and what makes them distinct. And they will learn how to turn poetry or other writing into lyrics that personalize a song, and methods for converting inspiration and ideas into music. “We’ll do a lot of listening, sharing, laughing, and learning,” says Griffin, a resident of Somerville.

Griffin, teaches a variety of instruments, as well as voice performance and songwriting, from his studio at the Munroe Center for the Arts’ Lexington School of Music.


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