To increase understanding and participation in Lexington, Massachusetts through local, community journalism.

We are Lexington residents starting a new nonprofit digital newsroom devoted to reporting on Lexington—from serious investigative reporting to ‘explainers’. Our goal is to be a part of civic life in Lexington, joining community organizations including and publications like the Colonial Times and the Lexington Minuteman. We hope to increase both understanding and participation in our community. COVID-19 has exposed the dire need for robust local news everywhere, and Lexington is no exception—but we intend to bring you important information about what goes on in our community long after the pandemic abates.

We’ve already covered the closure of Panera and understaffing at Bertucci’s, the school district’s COVID protocols, family struggles with pandemic learning and the long-term planning efforts of the town. We’ve got lots more coverage planned, including looking at the construction plans for the new police station and the implications of zoning changes for the town’s future. But we need your help to keep going.

Beyond our paid reporter, we are an all-volunteer crew (join us here!) with experience in newsrooms, running non-profits, and living and working in Lexington. But we’re raising money to hire—at a minimum—one full-time reporter, and hopefully more. We’ll provide the management and direction with transparency so the community can see how decisions are made. Today we’re raising money to hire our first reporters, and also looking for volunteers to help us get things up and running.

Join us—and don’t forget all of your contributions are tax-deductible.

The Lexington Observer is an accredited member of the Institute for Nonprofit News and Local Independent Online News Publishers (a professional journalism association for independent news publishers).