The Lexington Lions Club held its 67th annual Fourth of July Carnival last week. The carnival is run by Fiesta Shows, assisted by Lions Club members and other community volunteers, and some proceeds go to Lions Club programs including scholarships, donations to local libraries, and Thanksgiving dinner deliver to families in need. The organization also produces the annual fireworks show.

“We want to thank the community, including the volunteers and patrons, for their support for the Carnival and the Lexington Lions Club,” said Helen Yang, a vice president of the Lexington Lions Club. “When we had delayed openings and cancellations due to weather, people were very supportive and understanding, which was most appreciated.  A lot of people tell us their family had fun, which is what the carnival is all about!”

Photos by Vikram Anantha

Ariel view of the carnival
The ferris wheel in motion
Revelers upside down on the Top Gun
Crowds enjoy the carnival on a sunny afternoon, before the rain
Olivia, a community volunteer
Scherlaine and Terrique shoot water guns in a carnival game
Left to right, top to bottom: Shalin Sinhal, Arnav Saini, Nivan Gujral, Pranav Chivukula, Lucas Lee, taking a break from the festivities
David Zhao and Amanda Wang ride the ferris wheel

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