A black bear runs through Wilson Farm in Lexington. / Credit: Wilson Farm

Police removed the remains of a dead bear from Interstate 95 on Monday evening, hours after the animal was hit by a car. 

It is unknown if the bear is the same critter spotted in Lexington last week, police said. 

Massachusetts State Police told the LexObserver that troopers responded to reports of a dead bear in the third travel lane of Route 95 South near Exit 49a in Lexington at 4:30 p.m. on Monday. MassDOT was notified and responded to the scene with equipment to remove the remains. 

A handful of Lexington residents reported seeing the bear while traveling on the Interstate, with reports as early as 8:45 a.m. on Monday.

Jeanine Guffey is one local who witnessed the bear while driving. Guffey said she was driving in the far-right lane shortly after 4:30 p.m. when she noticed the remains of what appeared to be a dead bear in the next lane over.

“I could see the head, ears and lots of fur,” Guffey said of her quick look at the bear while moving on the highway. “It was a little upsetting. This possibly could’ve been prevented.”

Guffey said she did not see any police presence at the time. 

Massachusetts State Police said the scene was cleared close to 5 p.m. 

Massachusetts State Police also notified Massachusetts Environmental Police. A spokesperson for MEP confirmed the reports of a dead bear on the highway to the LexObserver, but could not identify if the bear was the same one seen traversing through Lexington last Monday. 

Sightings of a black bear roaming through Lexington on June 12 were reported from different points around town throughout the day. The bear was first spotted in Arlington, where it caused a delay in the district’s school opening before making its way a few miles over to Lexington. 

There is no investigation at this time.

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  1. Of course no one cared to look. Massachusetts wildlife is a joke! Poor bear could have been saved and moved to a safe area. Nope let it get killed. Only in massachusetts do they charge to have a permit/ license and have no assistance with vets nothing and people wonder why these things happen.

    1. Also Chapter 131 sec 15. Allows administrators and executives of other states to get a permit from the Governor to hunt and fish at NO charge, providing that their state allows the same. You are right nothing for veterans or 100% Disabled Veterans.

    2. I didn’t know that. It makes me very angry at our state that they don’t have something in place to help these poor animals find a safe place to live in the state.

    3. You are so right. No one seems to care about the animals who no longer have their on space. Sad!!!

  2. Very sad indeed I don’t know all the details but I was taught to find out first before accusing and not be an arm chair quarterback. Don’t wine get involved and help.

    1. I see road kill everyday, and theses so called good people kill animals and don’t care. I saw a beautiful mountain cat full grown killed in Hopkinson MA, dead on the side of the road. This keeps up in twenty years there will be no animals, and good people are to blame.

  3. When are you people going to get it?? We have taken the animals land and left them with little to no food!! They were here first, this is their land not ours!! Greedy, selfish people don’t care, they just think they are more important!! I would rather see dead people on the road, not dead animals!!!!!

    1. I saw big construction site near Wilson farm and many trees were cut down. Is it the reason this poor bear find no home and run out to Wilson farm? It is so so so sad it happened in Lexington.

  4. So So sad that someone hit a bear and did not even have the decency to report it!! ANIMAL HATERS!! What is wrong with people?? Would you hit a person and leave them in the road??? PATHETIC

  5. So sad! I saw a dead moose on the side of route 16 in New Hampshire last year, of course the driver of the pick up was injured as well. No one likes to see nature killed in such a devastating way. These things do happen unfortunately. Poor thing, RIP.

  6. First, I think that they could have helped when the bear was alive. if that was not the case, then at least the bear should not have bene on the highway for 12-24 hours before it was removed. That is disrespectful and also dangerous.

  7. This is the same thing as last year when Booboo was killed. He was visiting the South Shore towns before he was hit on 95. I don’t understand why the Wildlife commissions just don’t relocate them to a safe home. It’s just horrible. They know eventually they’re going to get killed on the highway. It’s just WRONG! Something needs to change. So sad.

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