Speedfossil, the creation of singer/songwriter Garret Vandermolen, is on the verge of breaking out of New England with their third LP and Red on Red Records debut release. Their latest album, No Anesthesia, was released via the Boston-based label. The band have been hailed by fans and critics alike as a return of great pop songwriting in the vein of The Replacements, The Kinks, The Smithereens, even the Ventures. Metronome Magazine stated that Speedfossil is “an impeccable rock band that, without question, can hang with the best.”

Started before the 2020/2021 isolation of the Covid-19 pandemic and finished during it, No Anesthesia is an anomaly in the age of streaming and downloads; it is a collection of ten songs meant to be listened to uninterrupted, as a complete body of work. From the opening power guitar/synth-pop of “Luckiest Man In The World” to the snarling guitar riff/horn-laden closer of “Count Me Out,” the album takes you on a sonic and lyrical journey through the landscapes, relationships, observations, and challenges that we all encounter in daily life.

Listen to No Anesthesia

Watch the video for “Luckiest Man in the World”

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