The following are incidents selected from the Lexington Police Department logs in the weeks leading up to September 11, 2023. The Lexington Observer does not independently verify this information and does not reflect our reporting or opinion.


Friday, September 1 at 5:30 p.m., police arrested a Woburn St. resident for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, having an open container of marijuana, and refusing to produce a license and registration. While in the process of clearing a separate incident, officers heard a female’s agitated, animated yelling that continued for over 20 minutes from a parked car across the street. When officers approached to check her well-being, the driver became irate and more animated. The engine was running, she was smoking marijuana, and she refused to provide a driver’s license. She swore, rolled up her window then exited her vehicle. She slammed and locked the door then proceeded to cross the street without regard for passing motorists.

When ordered to stop walking, she ignored commands. Multiple cars not only passed her, but vehicles had to slow down to avoid hitting her. The subject continued to yell profanities. She was extremely agitated as she swung her arms and pointed toward the officers as she yelled. When she turned the street corner, officers decided to place her in custody. She made her way to her door and started banging. Her teenage son appeared, and when her attempt to pull away from the officers failed, she dropped down onto the front porch. To avoid further distress for her children as she struggled, officers lifted her up, cuffed her in the front instead of in the back, and escorted her to a nearby sidewalk out of the view of her children. 

She continued to argue and yell that officers had no right to arrest her. Officers asked her to sit down on the grass and she reluctantly complied. At this point, her neighbor came outside, and she yelled at her neighbor to tell the officers that she lived there. Officers spoke with the neighbor and then read the subject her Miranda Rights. When asked if she understood them, she replied, “No, absolutely not. I am not under arrest.”  

Officers placed her into the back seat of the cruiser and secured the seatbelt. Once transported to the station, officers booked her on 4 separate charges. While waiting for a female officer to conduct a search of the subject, she continued to argue with officers that she should not have been arrested. She was bailed and released by the assistant clerk magistrate. A town bylaw citation for an open container of marijuana was issued during booking.

Suspicious activity – Motor Vehicle/ Persons

Friday, September 1 at 11:55 p.m., a Lincoln St. resident called to report that while on a walk, he observed a white box truck parked and making a delivery at Five Forks Sunoco. The resident was not complaining about the noise, but he felt the time for the delivery was suspicious. The responding officer checked the area, and the truck was gone upon his arrival. All appeared in order. 

Saturday, September 2 at 7:40 p.m., a hunter was parked looking at his trail camera on Turning Mill Rd. at the lot for Landlocked Forest. He said he could see in the Burlington woods that someone was lying on the ground. Along with Lexington Police, Burlington responded and checked the woods at which point they found an individual. He appeared well and was not in need of any assistance. He advised officers that he did not live in Lexington but had been frequenting Cary Library every day.

Thursday, September 7 at 1:50 p.m., a caller reported observing an individual trying to open saddle bags on a parked motorcycle on Worthen Rd. The subject did not appear to take anything and walked away toward the Battle Green Apartments. Responding officers checked the area but were unable to locate anyone matching the description.

Sunday, September 10 at 6:50 p.m., while at Highland Ave. and Winthrop Road, an individual called to report that while walking along Highland Ave. a large man with curly hair, wearing a sweatshirt and shorts, approached him and stated he was lost. This individual’s phone was not working, so he asked this caller to switch phones with him. The caller offered to contact someone for help and also suggested he call the police for him. The man then said, “That’s how you’re going to be,” and left. He found that suspicious. The responding officer located and spoke with the person matching the description on Waltham St. This person lives on Waltham St. and reports his phone was not working, and he had been lost. 

Animal Control

Friday, September 1 at 10:05 a.m., a caller stated his dog had been bitten by another dog on Brent Road at Willard’s Woods. Details of the incident were noted, and information was forwarded to the Animal Control Officer.

Sunday, September 2 at 3:25 p.m., a Cedar St. resident called and reported an incident had occurred at a baseball field on Worthen Rd. He had been frightened by an unleashed Jack Russell Terrier who ran at him, and the owner refused to leash his dog. Responding officers advised the dog owner that in the future the dog must be leashed while in public parks. 

Tuesday, September 5 at 5:30 a.m., a caller reported that he came across a dead dog in front of 101 Hartwell Ave. It appeared to have been struck by a vehicle. The responding officer confirmed it was a large, brown, pitbull with no tags. The Animal Control Officer was notified and DPW removed the dog.

Tuesday, September 5 at 7:00 a.m., several calls came in reporting an injured turkey on Lowell St. The responding officer reported the injured animal was located in front of 348 Lowell St. It appeared to have been struck by a passing motor vehicle. The animal was put down and removed.

Town Bylaws and a Noise Complaint

Sunday, September 3 at 12:30 p.m., a Downing Rd. resident called to complain about contractors working on Sunday in violation of the town’s bylaw. The responding officer spoke with Sousa Roofing and Carpentry and advised them of this bylaw. They agreed to stop working for the day without incident.

Wednesday, September 6 at 5:20 p.m., a Burlington St. resident called to report a vehicle had been idling for a while in the area causing exhaust fumes. The responding officer checked the area and was unable to locate any idling vehicles.

Saturday, September 9 at 10:20 p.m., following a report of a large house party with people on the roof of a Ballard Terrace residence, officers were dispatched to the area. Responding officers observed a large gathering of approximately 100 youths and dispersed the crowd. Officers determined homeowners were in Paris for the weekend. The homeowner’s daughter was on the scene. Officers spoke with the mother and advised her of future consequences. Officers were able to secure the house for the night, and the daughter obtained an Uber to a relative’s house in Arlington.


Friday, September 1 at 8:30 a.m., a Hayes Ave. resident came into the station to report a check mailed sometime within the past week had been fraudulently washed. Before he arrived at the station, he had notified his bank, MIT Credit Union. This resident did not recall the original amount written on the check that was mailed at the USPS mailbox located at 9 Meriam St.

Friday, September 1 at 10:45 p.m., an Emerson Gardens Rd. resident came into the station to report two checks he had placed in a USPS mailbox were stolen, altered, and cashed by an unknown individual. One check was altered to $9712.88 and the other to $9750.42. Police advised this resident to contact his bank to report the false checks, to cancel the five other checks he had sent out at the same time in the same box, and to rewrite the check payments.

Saturday, September 2 at 4:15 p.m., a Partridge Rd. resident reported credit card fraud on her Capital One Journey card. The fraudulent transaction was processed for a hotel reservation at the Holiday Inn of Brooklyn, New York on September 2 at 3:00 p.m. The reservation appears to have been booked online or by phone under the name Justin Moody of Brooklyn. This resident has advised the hotel in Brooklyn and the 84th precinct.

Thursday, September 7 at 11:40 AM., a Summit Rd. resident reported being called by a merchant processing company called who stated someone attempted to set up an account using his Social Security number and asking to be contacted by e-mail only. The e-mail address used was an old Yahoo address registered to this resident’s wife. He stated his Social Security number had been compromised within the last few years and was advised to report these incidents to the Social Security Administration. He contacted the major credit reporting agencies and monitored all credit and debit accounts. Nothing suspicious has been reported at this time. 

Thursday, September 7 at 3:20 p.m., a Garfield St. resident came into the station to report a check she mailed in August for $69.75 appeared to have been altered after being deposited in the correct account. The check was altered to $9,000 by an unauthorized party. She reported she sent the check to a post office box in Lewiston, ME. She reported that the PO Box is maintained by TD Bank on behalf of the city of Portland, ME Stormwater Department. The check was deposited into the account for the correct amount of $69.75, and she received confirmation on August 22nd for that deposit. After this deposit into the correct account, the check was altered to $9000 and deposited into another account on August 30. 

* AARP’s Fraud Watch – September 2023

Student Loan Forgiveness Scams:

“The Biden administration’s plan to forgive student loans faces an uncertain future after being tied up in the courts, but that hasn’t stopped scammers from trying to take advantage of people who may not have heard it’s on hold. They’ve built phony application sites aimed at stealing applicants’ Social Security numbers and bank information, and sometimes they contact targets by phone, pressuring them into applying and charging a fee for their help. The scam has legs, ‘because there’s so much debt that people are carrying and they’re looking for a way to get rid of it,’ explains Michael Bruemmer, vice president of the data breach group and consumer protection at Experian.”

The Lexington Police Department updates its call log on Monday mornings. LexObserver coverage is a sampling of incidents and is not an exhaustive list. Logs are available for public viewing.

August Stats:

132 Assist Fire Department 

375 Total Cruiser Check (15 House, 238 Business, 52 Person, 70 General) 

181 Directed Traffic

21 PLW (Park, Lock, and Walk)

6 Community Relations

21 Fraud

18 Animal Control

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