As the wettest summer in nearly a century draws to a close with two hurricanes spinning in the Atlantic, there is an increased sense of urgency to achieve the Commonwealth’s 2050 net zero goals of reducing emission from 70 to 14 million tons of CO2. Yet, in the midst of this climate emergency, Massport is proposing to triple the number of hangars at Hanscom Civil Air Terminal for the exclusive use of private luxury jets – the most carbon-intensive form of travel per passenger. Just to be clear, this is not about military flights or any activities at the Air Force Base, but rather about building nearly one-half million sq. ft. more hangar space for private jets.

If the proposed expansion goes forward, emissions from private jets at Hanscom are projected to grow by millions of tons, jeopardizing the state’s ability to attain its 2050 emission goals. For this reason, thirty-nine local and statewide organizations have joined forces to educate the public about the threat that Massport’s expansion plans present to reducing our carbon footprint and to support the difficult decisions the Governor will have to make to ensure that we meet our 2050 goals.

Sign the petition urging the Governor to stop this private luxury jet expansion that so clearly
runs contrary to Mass Climate Goals.

For more information or to sign up for updates, see

Margaret Coppe 202 Kathadin Drive
Jeanne Krieger 44 Webster Rd

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  1. Margaret Coppe and Jeanne Krieger, thank you for an excellent letter, and for the petition and the signup sheet

  2. I agree that there should not be an expansion in the number of hangers for private jets at Hanscom, for all of the reasons cited in the article. However, I’m not going to sign the petition because the signatures cannot be viewed by the public. I suspect that many of the Lexington residents who sign the petition are also supporters of the serious Serious Talks curriculum. One of the gripes about the Cancel Serious Talks petition is that the signatures are hidden from view. We have to eat our own dog food.

    1. Mr. Baskin,
      There is at least one important reason that the names of those who sign petitions are protected. It is parallel to the reason we have a secret ballot for our elections: how you vote is not the business of your neighbors.
      Your neighbor who may sell private jet insurance cannot use information to confront you. Nor you, him, if he signs a counter petition. This kind of behavior has plenty of precedent.
      You lose your voice over what happens at Hanscom when you choose not to engage. Your signature on the petition logs YOUR vote.
      Not signing this petition does not even remotely affect the outcome of the other petition you find so problematic. I hope you reconsider.

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