Although our congregation has witnessed many changes since our founding in 1629, one thing has not changed: our belief in the inherent worth and dignity of every person. As Unitarian Universalists, we also believe in justice, equity, compassion, and acceptance of one another. Through our actions, we believe in building a diverse community that dismantles oppression in all forms. We wholeheartedly support the Serious Talks curriculum, one that is based on skilled, expert research, and allows for constructive, nonjudgmental conversations among students. We stand with LexPride in encouraging citizens to place aside sound bites and misinformation; rather, to seek the truth. Please sign LexPride’s Statement of Support for this curriculum, which includes information on actions we can take together to promote community and safety for ALL students. And to our LGBTQIA+ youth and adult community at large who may be feeling anxious or unseen, you are welcome here with love.

Rev. Anne Mason, Senior Minister and Brian Herrick, Board Chair

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