Greetings from the Lexington Interfaith Congregations Association.*

We write to the Lexington community in response to the recent incident of Antisemitic graffiti at the Cary Library. We are deeply troubled by this graffiti. Our non-Jewish participants stand in solidarity with our Jewish members and neighbors who have been so painfully impacted by this incident. Let us be clear: LICA condemns Antisemitism in all forms. LICA rejects all forms of hateful speech, symbols and actions.  

LICA thanks the Library staff for their swift response to this graffiti, and for their thoughtful ongoing work. LICA is in touch with the recently formed Lexington Interfaith/Intercommunity Working Group on Antisemitism as well as Cary Library staff and the Human Rights Committee and we hope to partner in meaningful programming to respond to Antisemitism in our community in the months to come.  

In March the Lexington interfaith community received a powerful invitation to stand against Antisemitism in a presentation at Temple Emunah by Rev. Dr. Daniel Joslyn-Siemiatkoski.  We recommend the recording for those who were unable to attend.  

We also encourage members of the community to join the work of the Lexington Interfaith/Intercommunity Working Group on Antisemitism.

In peace,

Rev. Reebee Kavich Girash, Incoming Vice-President (2023-2024), LICA

For the Incoming LICA Executive Team

(Rev. Anne Mason, Rev. Reebee Kavich Girash, Rabbi Jordi Schuster Battis, Tejpreet Kalra)

*LICA’s updated name, Lexington Interfaith Congregations Association, reflects that some local congregations have non-clergy representatives.  

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