Zoning articles are among the most complex brought before Town Meeting. While the implications can be far-reaching, the legal language makes for heavy reading. Last year we formed a small group — the Lexington Cluster Housing Study Group (LCHSG) — to analyze proposed zoning articles and to educate ourselves and other Town Meeting members. We have publicly shared our findings on our website via a set of short “explainers.”

This year our focus is primarily on the state’s MBTA Communities housing law. Through an extensive public process, Lexington’s Planning Board has developed Article 34 to comply with the state law, which is to be voted on in this year’s Annual Town Meeting. The Planning Department has been communicating with and encouraging feedback from the community and has kept this page up-to-date with presentations, article drafts, and general information. LCHSG supports the proposed bylaw and sees it as an important step in implementing town priorities to increase the availability and diversity of housing here.

You can contact us with questions or comments at info@lexclusterhousing.org.

Barbara Katzenberg (Town Meeting Member, Precinct 2)

Jay Luker (Town Meeting Member, Precinct 1)

Tom Shiple (Town Meeting Member, Precinct 9)

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