Village Overlay Districts Maps
The Planning Board has proposed creating village overlay districts divided into three different height tiers (40 ft. or three stories for low-rise, or VLO; 60 ft. or five stories for mid-rise, or VMO; and 70 ft. or six stories for high-rise, or VHO) to satisfy the new state zoning requirements. Overlay districts provide additional zoning options without canceling underlying zoning out; the districts would apply to about 10 different parcels of land spread throughout the Town, including East Lexington and Lexington Center. (Courtesy of Lexington Planner Molly Belanger)

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On the one hand, this weekend everyone could get back into the true New England spirit of reminding one another that there’s no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. On the other hand, five to 10 minutes of exposed skin sufficing to risk frostbite sounds possibly too cold for even that classic condescension. So we hope you (and your pipes) stay warm and are careful this weekend!

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