Village Overlay Districts map
This map shows zoning throughout Lexington. To satisfy the state's new multi-family zoning requirements, the Planning Board has proposed new zoning districts that include three different height tiers: low-rise, middle-rise and high-rise village overlay districts. The proposed multi-family zoning is labeled on the map as VLO, VMO and VHO areas. The approximately 82 acres Lexington must include to meet the state's requirements represent less than 1% of the Town's total acreage. (Courtesy of Lexington Planner Molly Belanger and GIS Database Administrator Judy Baldasaro)

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Apologies to anyone who had trouble with our Community Conversation event link in last week’s newsletter: Here’s the working link! In case you missed it, this is the key event information, which you can also find on our website:

Community Conversation Feb. 9

How can our education system foster a sense of racial and social justice in our schools and throughout our communities?

This is the first in a series of conversations co-sponsored by the Lexington Lyceum Advocates and LexObserver.

Join our panelists to talk, share, question, listen, and learn! Learn more and buy tickets here.

Feb. 9, 7:00-8:45 p.m.
Lexington Community Center


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Planning Board votes to bring multi-family zoning proposal designed to comply with new state law to public hearing Feb. 1

Proposed districts fall under three different height tiers; new zoning would include Lexington Center, East Lexington, multiple Bedford Street areas

Over the past few months, the Planning Board has dedicated several public work sessions to developing a proposal that would bring Lexington into compliance with the state’s new transit-oriented multi-family zoning requirements.

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