Lexington Sports Night honorees and other young athletes.
Courtesy of the Lexington Lions Club

This year’s annual Sports Night was the 56th anniversary of two prestigious awards: the Chief Rycroft Award and the Mary Dailey Award. 

Lexington Little League President Ara Najarian said the Rycroft Award was not just about baseball, but also about creating life-long friendships. Lexington Police Chief Mike McLean presented the 2022 Minor League Award to Tyler Andronaco, the kid with “such joy, such passion, and such zest for life”, whose contagious smiles improved the chemistry of the team, and the Major League Award to Brendan O’Shaughnessy, who shined as a star pitcher through hard work, and was praised for his “courage, character, and loyalty.”  

The Mary Dailey Award honors the eponymous former member of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. The 2022 Major League Award went to Brooke Namias, who was praised for her physical and mental talent as well as her cheerful exuberance. Brooke would also let others play her favorite positions during important games, exhibiting remarkable leadership at a young age. The 2022 Senior League Award was presented to 8th grader Rhea Shah. A top pitcher and a natural leader, Rhea is the first person to cheer up others and always there to say kind words to teammates.

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