Pat Flynn
Courtesy of Linda Dixon

On Sunday, Oct. 3, on the historic Lexington Green, an enthusiastic group of comrades, friends and well-wishers cheered the news of the creation of the Pat Flynn Youth Award to honor Winston “Pat” Flynn, war hero and outstanding Lexington citizen, who was remembered in a ceremony with full military honors.

Jim Ramsey, Executive Committee member of the sponsoring organization Lexington Veterans Association, announced that the Pat Flynn Youth Award Fund has been created, to be managed by the Town of Lexington. Each year on Patriots’ Day, an outstanding student will receive a generous cash award from this fund.  

The award will be a collaboration among the Lexington Veterans Association, Mrs. Edith Flynn, the Town of Lexington, and the Lexington Youth Commission. Doris Kraemer, friend and advisor to Edith Flynn, will head up the job of establishing the award criteria, publicizing the award, identifying candidates, and assembling the judges’ panel.  

Donations to the fund are encouraged. Make checks payable to Town of Lexington with the Pat Flynn Youth Award Fund on the memo line and mail to: 

Town of Lexington

1625 Massachusetts Avenue

Lexington, MA 02420

Attn:  Select Board

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