Courtesy of Hancock Church

With engaging stage presence and masterfully-crafted music, Boston-based Matt and Shannon Heaton offer well-traveled Irish music from the heart. Their flute/guitar/bouzouki instrumentals and sweet husband-and-wife harmony singing draw deeply from the Irish tradition. The Heatons also gently incorporate rootsy Americana sounds from their years in bluegrass-haven Boulder, Colorado. 

Since 2001, the Heatons have become an integral part of Boston’s traditional music scene.Shannon co-founded Boston’s Celtic music festival, creating performance and mentoring opportunities for traditional musicians and dancers. She hosts the podcast Irish Music Stories

An Irish accompanist on guitar and bouzouki, Matt is also an active performer for children and families, with engaging sing-alongs and rockabilly tinged albums. 

Matt and Shannon have a warm connection with their audiences. They are world class American performers with Irish roots and universal appeal. 

Opening for the Heatons will be Celtic group Jacob Deck & Friends.

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Courtesy of Hancock Church

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