Are you concerned that all statewide offices will go to a single party on Nov. 6th?

Then, to keep some balance, vote Anthony Amore (R) for State Auditor. He is Director of Security and Chief Investigator at Isabella Gardner Museum, where he is tasked with the recovery of 13 works of art famously stolen from the museum in 1990.

He brings 30 years of experience in investigations, audits, and inspection, in both the public and the private sector. And he is the only candidate in this election endorsed by our centrist Governor, Charlie Baker.

Thank you,

Andrei Radulescu-Banu, 86 Cedar St.

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  1. what is needed to remedy this situation is to get rid of party primaries and instead implement open primaries with Ranked Choice voting. this would break the current impasse where centrist independent candidates are squeezed out by party loyalists on both sides.

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