Eastern White Pines by the tennis courts
The Town is setting a time in the next week or so for arborist Thomas Brady and Applied Plant and Soil Scientist Norm Helie to meet to discuss their conflicting reports. (Courtesy of Dylan Clark)

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In this issue:

  • COVID-19 Weekly Update: Cases back up to triple digits in Town, at LPS.
  • Community Announcements: Discovery Day is coming up May 28; Community Endowment of Lexington Announces Two New Grant Recipients; AAPI 5K Run ‘N’ Walk and Food Festival May 30.

COVID-19 Weekly Update

Cases back up to triple digits in Town, at LPS

  • Alas, cases are squarely back in the triple digits in town, consistent with statewide trends. Last week, Lexington had 118 new recorded COVID-19 cases as of May 5; this week, 161 new cases were recorded as of Thursday.
  • At Lexington Public Schools, cases rose significantly after last week’s hopeful decrease. As of Thursday, 150 students or staff were absent who had tested positive, while 5 staff or students were on quarantine; last week, as of May 5, 3 students were on quarantine, and 85 staff or students were absent who had tested positive.

Community Announcements

  • Discovery Day is just two weeks away (from Eric Michelson, Lexington Retailers’ Association President): Come celebrate spring at Lexington’s Discovery Day Street Fair in Lexington Center on Saturday, May 28 from 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.. Sponsored by the Lexington Retailers Association and hosted by over 95 of Lexington’s businesses and civic organizations, this event lets residents “rediscover” their town, and nonresidents “discover” the delights of beautiful and historic Lexington. Mass. Ave will be closed to vehicle traffic from Waltham St. to Meriam St., and you’ll be able to enjoy all of your favorite foods from all your favorite local businesses — not to mention entertainment for kids, live music for adults, and information and demonstrations from Lexington’s many civic groups. Come enjoy and learn about all this community has to offer! Find out more here.
  • Community Endowment of Lexington Announces Two New Grant Recipients (from Kimberly Hensle Lowrance, CEL Co-Chair): The Community Endowment of Lexington (CEL) recently awarded two new grants from its discretionary fund to CALex (Chinese Americans of Lexington) and CAAL (Chinese American Association of Lexington). CEL’s $2,000 grant to CALex will help underwrite a series of banners featuring notable Asian Americans in celebration of AAPI Heritage Month. The banners will hang in the Town Center and Cary Memorial Library. CEL’s $4,000 grant to CAAL will fund A Bridge Across: Celebration and Promotion of Asian Culture and History, a series of events focused on Asian culture through activities related to art, food, and history during the AAPI Heritage Month and beyond. You can learn more here.
  • AAPI 5K Run ‘N’ Walk and Food Festival on Memorial Day Weekend (from Melanie Lin, CAAL Co-President): We hope all interested residents will join us for the AAPI 5K Run ‘N’ Walk on May 30th in Lexington! To register, click here. After the run, come to celebrate a culmination of AAPI history, art, and food at the LHS Field House and enjoy AAPI sampling food, AAPI fun events, and family time…

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Correction: The original version of the newsletter contained an outdated subtitle stating that “Cases decrease[d]” slightly at Lexington Public Schools.” The accurate subtitle is “Cases back up to triple digits in Town, at LPS.” LexObserver regrets the error.

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