On Thursday, June 15th, Clarke Middle school celebrated their second year of Diversity Day after school in the cafeteria and auditorium. The student government arranged this colorful and beautiful event to celebrate Clarke’s rich cultural diversity. There were booth presentations, different cultural showcases, and of course, food from various regions.

“I really appreciate this variety. Great way to show that we all belong!” said one Clarke student. “I am feeling very happy,” said one of the student government members who helped organize the event. “There have been many setbacks in the planning process, so I am just very glad and super grateful that we were able to do this finally.”

“We need to work to grow it and make it bigger,” said Clarke principal Dane Despres. “It’s important because sharing what we love about our cultures is a great way for young people to develop a strong understanding of the world and what matters. Also, it’s a student-led and organized activity, which is amazing. 

“We are so excited to see so many kids and the families here to celebrate diversity,” added Mr. Wettstone, an assistant principal. “The energy is amazing and this place smells fantastic.”

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