The Lexington Observer appreciates our readers who have shared their Mother’s Day wishes with the community

We want to honor our daughter Sara Bothwell Allen every day, not just Mother’s Day, but here is a special opportunity to do so. 

Sara, you not only are an extraordinary mother, shepherding Roger and Elliot through childhood in a balanced way, but you have the added responsibility for making Elliot’s world safe from his many food allergies. Simultaneously, you provide so much to Lexington through the Big Backyard program, Living Landscapes, LexFarm, and Town Meeting.   We meet so many Lexingtonians who have great respect and praise for you.  You make us proud. We love you! 

Mom and Peter

Earth is our mother 

On Mother’s Day let us respect her who has given us for millions of years.
Love, happiness, life and Prakruti to enjoy. Let us respect, protect, thank our Mother Earth who have and will continue to provide that infinite inner bliss.

Dinesh and Kokila Patel 

Dear Mum, Granny suggested that I write to check in …

Since I’ll only be four weeks old on Mother’s Day, I don’t have much experience being a kid, but so far it’s been amazing. And we have so many good times ahead: Restful naps and tummy time. Rolling over and sitting up. The magic of peas vs. carrots. Lots of cuddles and hugs. Listening to the books you’ll read to me. But let’s hold that fixing- breakfast-in-bed-for-Mother’s-Day thing until I’m walking and can carry a tray. OK? Love, and Happy Mother’s Day!

Sweet Baby James

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