Amber Payne, Editor in Chief, The Emancipator; Dan Kennedy, author, What Works in Community News”; Elizabeth Hansen Shapiro, founder, National Trust for Local News; and Nicco Mele, founder, Lexington Observer will present a Lyceum on the importance of local news at Follen Church at on April 13. Courtesy image, Lexington Lyceum Advocates

How well are communities served when their news sources either discontinue operations or are bought out by corporate conglomerates that shift to a broader focus in the name of efficiency? Where do you go to learn what’s happening in your community? And who holds those in power accountable when there is no one bringing the issues to light at a local level? Our panelists and attendees will wrestle with what local news means to our communities and what we lose when we don’t have access to it.

Amber Payne
, Editor in Chief, The Emancipator
Dan Kennedy, co-author with Ellen Clegg, “What Works in Community News”
Nicco Mele, founder, Lexington Observer
Elizabeth Hansen Shapiro, founder National Trust for Local News

Julie McCay Turner (moderator), co-founder, The Bedford Citizen
Maggie Herzig (breakout facilitator), founding associate (now retired), Essential Partners

Please join our panelists for a robust but respectful conversation:
April 13 at 7:00 p.m.
Follen Church Community Center (755 Massachusetts Ave.)

Tickets available and recommended in advance. For questions, contact

Come to talk, share, question, listen, and learn! More information is available on the Lexington Lyceum website.

This event is co-sponsored by the Lexington Lyceum Advocates, the Lexington Observer and the Follen Church Social Action Justice Team.

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