Nonprofit Net of Greater Boston invites you to attend their virtual seminar at 1 pm on April 11:  Are You REDI to Build a Culture of Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion?

Learn three prerequisites to improving racial equity, diversity and inclusion (REDI).

Nonprofit leaders seeking to create and maintain racially diverse environments must clarify their own bearings on the interplay between social identity, social bias, and social justice. They must also determine how to achieve diversity without divisiveness with true inclusivity.

This program provides a unified and unifying framework for understanding diversity, equity, and inclusion.  We will share a method for creating a shared commitment among staff in order to pursue REDI with humility, candor, and empathy, as well as ways to continually monitor a sense of belonging.

Through his research, writing, teaching, and training, Lexington resident Carlos Hoyt questions master narratives and the dominant discourse on race with the goal of illuminating and respectfully disrupting the racial worldview and reductive identity constructs in general.

His 2015 book, The Arc of a Bad Idea: Understanding and Transcending Race, is published by Oxford University Press. 

There is no cost to attendees.  Register at

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