Duncan Maloney

The Lexington Youth Commission has selected Lexington High School juniors Duncan Maloney and Charlie Swan to serve as Masters of Ceremonies for the Patriots’ Day Ceremony on the Green on Monday, April 17. Prior to the ceremony, Duncan and Charlie will lead the Sunrise Youth Parade, which steps off at the Munroe Cemetery driveway and proceeds to Battle Green. All Lexington youth are invited to participate in the parade, which forms at 7:15 a.m.

During the Patriots’ Day Ceremony, the Town’s Outstanding Citizen Awards, including the White Tricorne Hat, the Minuteman Cane, and the Pat Flynn Outstanding Youth Award, are presented.

The Lexington Youth Commission (LYC) is a Town-sponsored youth group that performs community service projects throughout Lexington. Duncan says, “It’s a great way to be active in the community, to meet students from all classes. It’s not an overly taxing commitment.” Charlie sums up: It’s a chance to meet peers and neighbors, to have fun, and, without stress, to have a positive outcome for yourself and those around you.” For more information about Patriots Day Weekend events, go to patriotsday.com.

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