Happy Anniversary!  

At the Lexington Annual Town Meeting in March 2019, two bylaws were passed overwhelmingly. One bylaw eliminates the commercial use and sale of plastic straws and the other of #6 expanded polystyrene or “styrofoam” (EPS) in Lexington.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Girl Scouts of Troop 65411 for their leadership, residents who spoke out in support, and Lexington Town Meeting Members who voted to discontinue the use of these environmentally damaging, petroleum-based products. 

A quote from our friend, a long-time dedicated Town Meeting Member says it all:

“Plastic straws and plastic food containers not only pollute the oceans, but conservation stewards regularly have to remove large numbers of them (and the often associated  plastic cup covers and foam cups too) from areas in Lexington, where they will never biodegrade naturally, like the Willard Woods and Turning Mill Pond areas … Paper straws are also litter but they do break down over time.”

If we do not take even easy incremental steps to fix a problem, just because they do not fix the entire problem, we will never fix the problems.

David L. Kaufman, Precinct 3”

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