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The Lexington Police Department updates its incident log on Monday mornings. LexObserver coverage represents a sampling of significant incidents and is not an exhaustive list. The full log can be viewed publicly at: https://www.lexingtonma.gov/489/Weekly-Police-Logs.

The following incidents, selected from the Lexington Police Department logs, occurred during the week prior to Feb. 26. 

Animal Control

Wednesday, Feb. 22 at 12:13 p.m., a call came into the station from Department of Children and Families (DCF), who was following up on a case at 38 Taft Ave. 
DCF reported the family it was checking on appears to have fled from the home, and a cat had been abandoned. Dispatch spoke with a Real Property Management agent who is in the process of selling the property. They observed the cat and confirmed with the property owner that the cat was not hers. The Animal Control Officer will contact the agent to advise what next steps should be taken regarding placing the cat in a shelter.


Thursday, Feb. 23 at 4:20 p.m., a call from an administrator at Care One reported that a patient in Hancock states she is missing $120 from her purse. The officer spoke with the administrator and the Chelsea resident and they determined that sometime between Feb. 21 and Feb. 23, the money was taken out of the resident’s purse.


Tuesday, Feb. 21 at 10:05 a.m., a Beacon Street resident called to report that someone was using her business’ name on Craigslist to advertise a donkey for sale. A potential buyer, who recognized the scam, contacted her and brought it to her attention. The scam involved the buyer arriving at 11 a.m. to purchase the donkey. An officer spoke with her and confirmed that the buyer was not coming and both parties were aware of the scam. 

Friday, Feb. 24 at 5:10 p.m., a resident called the station to report being the victim of a telephone scam. She reported that she was contacted by someone posing as a Customs and Border Protection agent stating that a package in her name was sent from Mexico. This resident stated that she did not have any packages coming from Mexico. Then she was directed to speak with a person posing as a U.S. Marshal. She was then directed to withdraw cash and send it to a Bitcoin wallet in order to secure her money since her identity was now compromised. She reports losing $40,000 as a result of this scam.

Friday, Feb. 24 at 4:30 p.m., a South Commons in Lincoln resident called to report fraudulent checks passed on his firm’s bank account. He was contacted by Bank of America and informed that a check from his account was deposited into an unknown account, and the bank flagged the check. He provided two additional checks that were used with all his account information on them but were not checks that he uses. An unknown person bought checks with his account information and deposited $49,510 out of his business account. The Bank of America fraud division is investigating the circumstances and said his account would be reimbursed within six to eight weeks.

Motor Vehicle Incidents

Thursday, Feb. 23 at 7:30 a.m., a Webb Street resident was involved in a minor motor vehicle crash. The road conditions contributed to the incident, and a good Samaritan assisted the driver. The vehicle was accidentally driven onto property on Mass. Ave. The responding officer spoke with the resident there and confirmed no damage was made aside from some tire tracks in the yard.

Sunday, Feb. 26 at 5:50 p.m., a Lexington resident reported that she had struck a tree off the side of the road at Mass. Ave. and Marrett Road. She needed assistance for the motor vehicle. The officer present on the scene contacted Mal’s for the vehicle tow.

Incidents of Interest Reported Elsewhere

Route 2 multi-car crash, Feb. 24

Per the Boston Globe, “Icy road conditions caused about 12 vehicles to crash on Route 2 in Lexington late Thursday night, according to the law enforcement authorities.” No significant injuries were reported according to the Massachusetts State Police.

Suzanne Road two-alarm fire, Feb. 23

As reported by WHDH, “Crews in Lexington were able to contain a two-alarm fire that sent heavy flames and smoke shooting through a multistory house.” 

Reminder: Clearing snow from cars is mandatory

Lexington Fire Chief Sencabaugh’s windshield after being struck by ice and snow not cleared from another vehicle traveling on I-95. (Courtesy of the Lexington Fire Department via Twitter, @LexFire_L1491)

Friday, Feb. 24 at 11:41 a.m., in an email to employees, Town Manager James Malloy wrote, “To All — please see the attached photo of Chief [Derek] Sencabaugh’s vehicle from earlier today when another vehicle had not cleared the snow and ice from their vehicle and it flew off and hit the Chief’s vehicle in the windshield. Please consider the ramifications of winter snow/ice and how this could injure others and make sure you clear snow and ice from your vehicle before driving. Luckily the chief is ok and the damage can be repaired. Be safe!”

Summary of February police activity/calls:

Animal Control: 9
Assist Fire Department: 81
Business Checks:198
Cruiser Checks: 297
Directed Traffic: 187
Reported Fraud: 13

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