LexYouth volunteers in Lexington Center
LexYouth volunteers in their yellow shirts with a passerby. (Courtesy of CALex)

Fifteen LexYouth volunteers — part of the Chinese Association of Lexington (CALex) — joined forces last week to raise money to support victims of the recent earthquakes in Syria and Turkey.

CALex donation box. (Courtesy of CALex)

Ranging in age from 8 to 16, the young solicitors were a cheery sight in town center on Saturday, Feb. 18, and Sunday, Feb. 19, outfitted in bright oversized yellow CALex t-shirts.  The team raised close to $2,000 — $1,200 in sidewalk cash contributions and an additional $420 online.

CALex member and parent, Yanran Shi, helped organize the event. She said the students were initially very hesitant to approach passersby, despite the good cause. “In the beginning, they were all very shy. But they became much more comfortable and did so well!” she exclaimed. 

Funds will be donated equally to two of the many organizations recommended by the Turkish consulate in BostonTurkish Philanthropy Funds and Syrian American Medical Society. Residents are encouraged to donate directly if they missed last weekend’s drive.

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