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As COVID-19 pandemic restrictions ease, high school and system leaders face a tough decision: seize the opportunity to make changes that will lead to more equitable outcomes for students or return to the status quo. 

Barr Foundation, a Boston-based nonprofit focused on helping all students thrive in and beyond high school, is seeking up to 10 grantees for “Meeting the Moment: Transforming the High School Experience.” Educators from across New England are invited to submit a proposal for up to $100,000 to support internal learning and planning, stakeholder engagement, and project management from July 2023-July 2024. For more information or to apply for the program, visit the website or email Applications will be open through March 15 at 5pm.   

“Now is the time to challenge the status quo and move towards a vision of educational excellence that our students deserve,” says Barr Foundation Director of Education Jenny Curtin. “Too often, school and system structures, policies, practices, and belief systems limit access to opportunity and contribute to inequitable outcomes for students of color, low-income students, students learning English, and students with special needs.” 

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