How do we encourage civic engagement to foster a greater sense of community in Lexington? And how do we encourage people to get involved when some issues can be divisive and hard to talk about with people on the other side?

What do you think makes a good citizen? What makes someone feel a part of a community — or excluded from it? Our panelists and attendees will wrestle with what it means to be engaged: voting, serving as an elected official, advocating for yourself or others, speaking and demonstrating, attending meetings, and volunteering on committees. How do you do this when life already feels overcrowded and there are too many demands on your time?

Dr. Ofrit Liviatan, Citizen Assemblies, Divided Societies
State Sen. Michael Barrett, 3rd Middlesex District, Mass.
Jerren Chang, GenUnity
Anil Ahuja, Lexington Indian American League Getting Involved Group

Please join our panelists for a robust but respectful conversation:
March 7 at 7:00 p.m.
Lexington Community Center (39 Marrett Rd)

Tickets available and recommended in advance
Please plan to arrive early, as the program will begin promptly at 7:00.

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