The Lexington Council for the Arts (LCA) has awarded some exciting grants for 2023. One of the more fascinating projects is the Earth Day Awareness Sculpture to be built by Munroe Center for the Arts. Hoping to build people’s awareness about the vast amount of plastic that humans ingest each year, the Center is planning to build sculptures filled with discarded plastic pots, yogurt containers, bottles etc. 

LCA is also sponsoring an artist to create a mural of musical instruments on the back of the Music Emporium facing the Minuteman Bikeway. 

Of course, some of LCA’s grants went towards music in this musically diverse town. There will be Brass in the Grass from the Lexington Symphony, band concerts at Hastings Park, and Harmony on the Green Coffeehouse. There will be a concert of staged scenes from Operetta/Musical Theatre; a reflection of the 1960s through the music of the Beatles; music for the Lexington Bicentennial Band; art supplies for neurodiverse art classes for SNAP; summer programs at Lexington Community Farm; hip hop chair dances for seniors; and a juried exhibition of contemporary ceramics at LexArt. For more information, visit us at

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