Lex Eat Together volunteers
Volunteers Chris Worcester, Lucy Wall and Select Board Member Suzie Barry. (Courtesy of Lex Eat Together)

Lex Eat Together, which works to alleviate hunger and food insecurity in and around Lexington, recently delivered its 25,000th meal to one of its guests.  

Founded in 2015 to provide an in-person meal for those in the Lexington area in need of a free nutritious meal and companionship, Lex Eat Together currently has three weekly initiatives in place:

~ A Prepared Meals Program offering dinners 
for pickup on Wednesdays at the Church of 
Our Redeemer in Lexington

~ A “Sandwich Brigade” which prepares Peanut 
Butter & Jelly sandwiches for students at Middlesex 
Community College’s Bedford and Lowell campuses

~ A Bagged Lunch program to serve guests at the 
Community Day Center in Waltham, which supports 
unhoused people who rely on the Center.

“These efforts, while individually modest in size, have combined to make a meaningful difference to those among us for whom putting food on the table is a challenge,” said George Murnaghan, President and Lex Eat Together co-founder. 

The Lex Eat Together organization consists of volunteers who desire to provide free and nutritious meals to individuals and families in need within our community.

To learn more or to volunteer with Lex Eat Together, please visit lexeattogether.org.

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