My truth is...student

“My Truth is …” is an essay-writing competition for young students from third grade to high school who study in Lexington. The students can submit a 650-word essay that tells a story about them. It can be about an idea or wish, a unique experience or event, an aspiration or even something very simple as a favorite activity or food. The essay should be authentic and be genuine such that it centers the content in the child’s life.  

Lexington children’s experiences are rich and varied. Their truthful reflections can give us a unique perspective on life in our town. Reflecting and writing is a skill that requires much practice and iteration. In order to foster our town talent a group of Lexington civic, elected and spiritual leaders are hosting the writing competition. The competition will run from Jan. 30–March 1, 2023. Results will be announced March 15, 2023, and winners will be celebrated at an in-person event in Lexington. Please visit the website for more details. 

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