Dragon and child at Patriots' Day parade

Roll the drums! Sound the fifes! Patriots’ Day this year happens Monday, April 17, with the Minutemen Reenactment of the Battle, the Morning Youth Parade, the Ceremony on the Green, and the 2:00 p.m. Patriots’ Day Parade. As usual the festivities will begin on Saturday as we celebrate in our customary manner. Stay informed on the Town Celebrations Committee’s website and Facebook accounts: @lexingtonmapatriotsday or @LexingtonTCC.

Want to be involved? Help underwrite the costs of bringing top-notch bands, marching units, and floats to Lexington. Parade sponsorship shows your support for and involvement in your community, and your contribution is publicly recognized. Complete our sponsorship form online.

TCC is seeking volunteers to serve as Parade Ambassadors to march in twos or threes ahead of each parade unit, carrying a banner naming the unit’s sponsor. Play a key part in this nationally-known celebration marking the birth of our nation. No experience necessary!  Parade Ambassadors receive complimentary T-shirts. High school students earn four hours of community service credit. Members of sports and academic teams, walking groups, civic organizations, friends, and students 12 years and up can register at http://patriotsday.com. Rehearse now for the big event in 2025!

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