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The Lexington Police Department updates its incident log on Monday mornings. LexObserver coverage represents a sampling of significant incidents and is not an exhaustive list. The full log can be viewed publicly at: https://www.lexingtonma.gov/489/Weekly-Police-Logs.

The following incidents, selected from the Lexington Police Department logs, occurred Jan. 16-24.

Animal Control

Tuesday, Jan. 17 at 10:40 a.m., a resident called to report he had been bitten by a dog. The man was running on Lincoln Field when a black dog came running across the field and bit his left calf. Dog sitters were present and placed the dog back on its leash. Medics evaluated the bite and Animal Control was notified of the incident. Remember, if a dog is not responsive to voice commands, leashing your dog protects all concerned.

Friday, Jan. 20 at 1:30 p.m., a resident found a loose dog on Bedford St. Animal Control picked up the dog and transported it to the kennel. The dog was slender, rust-colored and approximately 60 pounds with short hair. At 2:30 p.m., the dog’s owner called the station, and she was advised to call the dog shelter used by Lexington to arrange to meet the Animal Control officer in order to pick up the dog.

Saturday, Jan. 21 at 10:18 a.m., a resident of Douglass Road reported a “sick-looking” coyote in his backyard. Prior to an officer’s arrival, the coyote had left the yard. Remember not to approach a coyote or any other wild animal who appears unhealthy.


Tuesday, Jan. 17 at 9:45 p.m., a resident came into the station to report she was contacted by individuals posing as state police and the FBI informing her that she was a victim of identity fraud. After spending multiple hours on the phone with these individuals, she was convinced to wire $30,457.00 from her Bank of America account to an account in Hong Kong to someone unknown to her. This wire transfer occurred at approximately midnight on Jan. 17, 2023. Lexington police officer advised the resident to start a fraud claim.

Saturday, Jan. 21 at 9:40 p.m., a Forest Street resident called the station to report he had placed a check for Comcast in the mailbox. Today he discovered that someone had taken the check and altered it to a different name and amount. The loss was $12,741.

Breaking and Entering 

Sunday, Jan. 22 at 6:40 a.m., a Grey Oaks Circle resident called to report her home was broken into. A rear door window was smashed. It appears the break occurred during the evening hours of Jan. 21.

Motor Vehicle Incidents

Theft of Motor Vehicle Part: Thursday, Jan. 19 at 2:10 p.m., a Revere Street resident called to report the theft of a catalytic converter from his vehicle. Based on video footage from a neighbor, the larceny occurred on Jan. 17 at 3:52 a.m.

Motor Vehicle Breaking and Entering: Tuesday, Jan. 24 at 10:20 p.m., a Potter Pond resident came into the station to report his vehicle was broken into at his residence. Some items had been moved around and his phone charger was missing. The resident stated that this incident occurred sometime between 5:30 and 8:30 p.m. The detective on the scene stated there was no evidence to process.

Motor Vehicle vs Canine Crash: Tuesday, Jan. 24 at 2:40 p.m., several calls reported the incident at Woburn Street and Cornerstone Way. Officer responded and reported canine resides on Woburn Street and was taken to a Woburn veterinarian by its owner. There are no witnesses to this incident who can provide any description of the vehicle that struck the dog. 

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