The Federal Register ( Dec. 15, 2022) includes notice of a complex land swap at Hanscom Field, with a call for public comment closing on Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2023. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is considering a Massport request to dispose of 5.19 acres of airfield land adjacent to the former Navy hangar at Hanscom Field now owned by Runway Realty Ventures, LLC (RRV). 
According to an October 2022 Massport Board presentation (pp. 48-53, visual on slide 50) the proposed ‘swap’ involves: 

·         a total of 5.19 acres of airfield land being given to RRV in exchange for 2.59 acres of RRV land bordering Taxiway Romeo 

·         an RRV ‘contribution’ of $930,000 to build a new vehicle service road on the airfield

·         RRV becomes “responsible for all costs associated with the design, permitting and construction of a taxi lane from the Navy Parcel to Hanscom Field.” 

·         RRV will also apply to the FAA for a runway access “through-the-fence” agreement for a term of 20 years, with four additional five-year options

The proposed agreement specifies the parcel would be used by RRV for “General Aviation hangar use with possible Museum (Navy Hangar).”

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  1. This land swap is unclear to me. A map would be helpful. What is the purpose of the swap? RRV will have 5.19 acres in exchange for 2.59 acres. RRV will additionally commit to paying $930,000 towards a road and building a taxi lane at their own expense. Is there some proposed development in addition to the hangar and possible museum that makes this advantageous to RRV?

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