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The Arboretum Sensory Garden with Scott Stanley and the Sensory Garden at the Lexington Community Center with Rita Pandey and Barbara Tarrh

Wednesday, Feb. 9

ZOOM meeting ‚Äď Register via email at LFGC024@gmail.com

9:30 a.m. Social / 10:00 a.m. Meeting

Courtesy of the Lexington Field and Garden Club

Scott Stanley has a BS in Horticulture Science from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. He has over 35 years of horticulture and landscape experience which includes over 25 years of public sector work at Como Park Conservatory and the University of Minnesota. His talk will give us a brief history and background of the Arboretum, Sensory Garden installment date, design intent for the garden, partners that utilize the space, and how this differs from other sensory gardens.

Rita Pandey and Barbara Tarrh, both LFGC members, are the Co-Chairs for the Sensory Garden at the Lexington Community Center. Rita will give an overview of the garden from the initial concept to the finished garden. We will learn about the plantings and why a sensory garden is important.

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