Gaming2Cure poster
Courtesy of Liz Ryan

Liam Hugo Ryan, nine-year-old boy from Lexington will be joined by his family, friends and supporters for an amazing video gaming event and family fun’raiser, Gaming2CureJM. Liam loves gaming and regularly plays video games during his regular infusions for his disease. He wants to bring that fun to everyone! 

Meet Liam:
Four years ago, Liam lost the ability to walk, to get off the floor on his own and at his worst wasn’t able to lift his own head. At his diagnosis, Liam’s family learned of a very rare and life-threatening autoimmune disease called Juvenile Myositis. It’s a disease that affects 1 in 500,000 children wherein the body’s immune system is tricked into thinking its own cells are foreign invaders and attacks without an off switch. Liam’s aggressive treatment has seen dramatic and positive results but without a cure, the Ryan Family is still very concerned for his future. That’s why they’ve created Gaming2CureJM. 

Fundraising for the Gaming2CureJM will go directly to The CureJM Foundation. “Mommy, last night I had a dream that I woke up without JM ” – Liam

To learn more about Liam’s journey with Juvenile Myositis visit

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