A Gold Award is the highest-level achievement a Girl Scout can earn, which is highly regarded and opens doors to scholarships, preferred admission tracks for college, and advanced career opportunities. For consideration, high-school-age Girl Scouts complete a Gold Award Project that works to address an issue she’s passionate about in a way that produces a meaningful and lasting change in her community. 

For her Gold Award Girl Scout Project, Sarah Baskin addressed the issue of youths’ perspectives on COVID-19 being lost in the historical records in her community by creating a program led at the Lexington local library to educate on the importance of primary sources. Baskin wanted to focus on the idea that teens have been affected by Coronavirus in dramatically different ways than adults and being able to preserve the perspective of her community’s youth. Sarah partnered with the Lexington Historical Society to gather information on COVID-centric creative works, and they now are going to focus on preserving the stories collected for years to come. 

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