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Courtesy of First Parish in Lexington

Voices on the Green, Lexington’s premier live storytelling and music event at First Parish in Lexington, will return on Friday, Oct. 14, at 7:00 pm with our first live performance since the pandemic darkened our stage.  

Appropriately, the theme for this show reflects not the frustration and isolation of the last two years but the optimism of our recovery: Silver Linings. Within each of the evening’s stories there is an unexpected discovery, reflection, renewal, transformation, or joy. 

Our storytellers reflect the diversity of our community—a high school junior, a practicing physician, a celebrated poet, a retired educator and musician, a life coach, a radio producer; their stories—funny, poignant, resilient, puzzling, hopeful, and even triumphant—reflect the variety of our experience. 

Musical performance is an important part of each VOTG performance. For this show, our musicians provide harmony and counterpoint for the stories—including “My Silver Lining” by the popular folk/pop group First Aid Kit and, of course, the Silver Lining chorus from Bach’s B Minor Mass (adapted for soprano duet).  

Don’t miss “Silver Linings,” at First Parish in Lexington, 7 Harrington Road in Lexington.  – Tickets are $10 and $20 and are available NOW on the VOTG website.

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