Last year we had record opiate overdoses and deaths in the Commonwealth. Lexington is not immune from this plague, unfortunately. In my view, we desperately need judges who respect the science of addiction and work to support recovery. We can’t simply offload this crisis on Chief McLean and the force.   

Mara Dolan, a public defender from Concord, is running for the Governor’s Council, which appoints our judges and parole boards. I believe she can help appoint judges that are in sync with today’s thinking. Punishment and prosecution will not cure addiction; that’s the data; if anything, jail time has proven to worsen it.

But the Governor’s Council keeps appointing judges from a prosecutorial perspective, bent on punishment over recovery.

In endorsing Dolan for the Council, our Senator Mike Barrett said, “The state judiciary is loaded with former prosecutors and is under-representative of the defense bar. Mara has the values and experience needed to get us closer to balance, which will contribute to the crucial pursuit of justice.”

I think Sen. Barrett’s right. We need balance. And we need data-driven judges who support recovery over costly, futile punishments whenever possible. That’s why I feel it’s important to vote in the upcoming Sept. 6 primary for Mara Dolan. Let her experience and energy work for all of us, as today’s opioid crisis shows no signs of letting up.


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