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Memorial Day Weekend Special Edition

Sophie Culpepper

LexObserver Reporter

Good afternoon and welcome to another LexObserver special edition. 

Heading into Memorial Day Weekend, we’re excited to share an important story with you: a deep dive into the questions and process driving the LexSeeHer endeavor now years in the making to bring a women’s monument to Lexington.

Before you get to that, a quick reminder that we’d love for you to say hi tomorrow at our Discovery Day table between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.! And, you won’t hear from us tomorrow, but we’ll be back with our regular weekly news roundup next Saturday, June 4.

Now, today’s story:

In historic Lexington, where does a monument to women belong?

Different views about what representation, honoring history mean in the birthplace of the American Revolution collide in the LexSeeHer monument project

By Sophie Culpepper

One question raised in the earliest discussions has proved to be the thorniest of all: In a town whose most prominent location is saturated with revolutionary history, where does a monument to women belong?

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